Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Bleaching Ink : Card 1

 I  will try my best to describe the process step by step :
  • Take a card stock, cut it into a shape as per your choice, I did with a slanting line.
  • Blend distress inks. To create a depth, blend a darker color on the edges.
  • Let the CS dry naturally in open air or heat it with your tool *I did on a gas stove* 
  • Stamp an image with the darker distress ink that you use for creating depth, and emboss it with clear embossing powder. Here, I have used Lotus delight stamp.
  • Take a pinch of bleaching powder in a bowl full of water and run the water with a brush on to the images only.
  • Wait for sometime, the bleach will react and will fade the area. It can even make the image completely white.
  • Finish it off with some glitter and sentiments. Here I have taken help of glitter cones and alpha banner stamp set.
  1. Select darker colors for the cardstock so that the bleaching technique will give a contrasting image.
  2. Select smaller images that has an outline only.
  3. Be careful with the bleach.
  4. Do not let the paper soak too much of bleach water as it will eventually make it super white that I guess you would not want to.
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